Build a Custom OpenAI “GPT” for Your Business or Just for Fun!


In this video, I’ll be showing you one GPT application we built using OpenAI GPTs. The GPTs Platform allow you to build powerful applications without any technical knowledge.

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My GPT’s & Workshop GPT Builds (all are available in the Official GPT Store – ChatGPT (

1) Retire Smart Coach
Your Personal Retirement Coach Offering Guidance on Social Security Benefits, Medicare and How to Make Money in Retirement
2) Make Money Online Coach
Your Friendly Advisor to Guide You to Make Money Online Quickly with ChatGPT
3) Spa & Wellness AI Marketing Coach
ChatGPT – Spa & Wellness AI Marketing Coach (
Marketing Expert for Local Spa and Wellness Business Owners, Focusing on AI-Powered Strategies
4) IT Side-Hustle Coach
Authoritative Yet Witty Coach for IT side-hustles
5) Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing
ChatGPT – Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing (
You Can Make Real Money with Affiliate Marketing!
6) Press Release Wizard
ChatGPT – Press Release Wizard (
Versatile Press Release Wizard offering examples, templates, headlines, and checklists for all businesses
7) Fridge Forager (January GPT Workshop)
Creative Recipe Helper For What You Have in Your Fridge
8) GPT Topic Generator
Want to Create a GPT of Your Own But Don’t Know What Topic to Build Around? This GPT Generates Topic Ideas for Your Next GPT.
8) Customer Review Response Generator (February GPT Workshop)
GPT – Customer Review Response Generator (
Paste a Customer Review Here and Ask This GPT Create Your Draft Response for Your Review Platform
9) Remote Work from Home Coach (March GPT Workshop)
ChatGPT – Remote Work from Home (WFH) Coach (
Strategies for Finding Remote Work (WFH) and Creating an Optimal Home Workspace
9) Local Book & Coffee Shop Marketing Idea Generator (April GPT Workshop)
ChatGPT – Local Book & Coffee Shop Marketing Idea Generator
Help Local Book & Coffee Shop Business Owners Generate Ideas to Help Drive New Customers to their Stores

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